About TDE

Company Overview

Turbo Diesel Engineering is a specialized spare parts and service company dedicated to delivering a world class service to the marine and industrial sectors for turbochargers and diesel engines.
As a company, we are committed to maximizing customer satisfaction by focusing on our core business of supplying parts of the highest quality, whilst constantly striving to improve availability service and technical support.


Business Structure

To ensure we offer our customers the best possible options whether the requirement is for spare parts or service, we have established three strategic warehouse and service locations; Shanghai, Houston, & Rotterdam.
All three locations carry a substantial inventory of turbocharger parts covering the most common turbochargers currently used in the marine and industrial sectors for 4 stroke & 2 stroke diesel engines.
Our inventory covers everything from the smallest part to complete turbochargers, with a high percentage available for delivery from stock in each location.
Workshop service, repair and reconditioning including full balancing facilities are also delivered from Shanghai, Houston & Rotterdam and of course, our service teams always on call.


The Complete Solution

We believe that at TDE we offer a unique total solution to our customers by complementing our turbocharger inventory and service provision by additionally offering our customer a substantial range of 4 stroke & 2 stroke engine parts from stock, further complemented by our reconditioning services.



Quality is at the forefront of our business and as such it is woven into every aspect of our business, beginning at our specialist manufacturing partners, right through to final delivery by our logistics team.
We do not just promise high quality; we guarantee to deliver it through an intense in house quality assurance programme and the continuous monitoring of our supply chain network of specialized manufacturers based in Europe, Japan, Korea & China.
All incoming parts are subjected to stringent quality control before being placed into our stock, additionally key products are subject to in progress monitoring at every stage of the production process.


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